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SLI deals with issues related to the management of real estate and mega-placements, placements by providing assistance and advice to owners, directors and conductors.
Areas of activity for Admins:
  • Condominium administrator assistance, including through the participation in building assemblies;
  • Editing or modifying Tables Gauges;
  • Recovery of charges through action for injunctive;
  • Delivery of goods and local service charges, release of property;
  • Drafting Building Regulations;
  • Use of common goods, innovations, new works, Architectural Decoration;
  • Adaptation to legislation and removal of architectural barriers;
  • Elevators, use of common goods, their modification and destination;
  • Actions for damage feared denucia and new work, usucapioni, violation of distances in construction;
  • Water electricity gas installations, television and satellite antennae;
  • Building pools.
Area of activity for the single condòmino:

Appeal of resolutions;
Appointment of judicial administrator;
Revocation of administrator;
Establishment of condominium and drafting tables, drafting regulations and their amendments, millesimal appeals;
Opposition to the decrees of payment;
Petitorie actions for declaration of properties or negatorie;
Actions relating to the establishment or denial of servitude (passage, water, cable, etc.);
Actions for taking possession and complaint of damage feared and new work;
Opening lights, Windows and entrances;
Fume and noise pollution;
Neighbourly relations.